We loved every minute of the celebration. Our work is a collective effort.We gave a little direction rest naturally fell into place. We loved to watch people smiling. Its our passion to capture these genuine moments.Our photographs photographs are memories of happiest moments . SIMPLY STATED: BEAUTIFULLY CAPTURED PHOTOS PRESERVE THE HAPPIEST MOMENTS FOREVER


We at Dei Media offer Videography solutions to the clients.We are equipped with sophisticated camera to capture moving images and events and using digital video equipment and software. Our Videography solutions are extensively demanded in events.

Event Management

Each Event is a custom project, irrespective of size or budget. This is what makes us different.
With passion and dedication we provide event management, event production and communication solutions for all your events needs like DJ, Stage show,.
 We have strong focus on delivering imaginative corporate events, ranging from team building days for 15 to public events for 1,00,000.